Dr. Allison Kahner, Psychologist. Serving NYC, and Westchester

Hello! My name is Dr. Allison Kahner. I am a licensed clinical psychologist in private practice, specializing in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Schema-Focused Cognitive Therapy. Learn more about my approach to therapy.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a clinically-proven, highly effective treatment for anxiety (panic attacks, phobias, OCD, and other stress disorders), depression, low self esteem, relationship problems, and more. My offices are in Midtown as well as the upper west side. Call 917-751-6020 for an appointment or phone therapy. If my offices are not convenient, I can also match you with a licensed professional counselor in your neighborhood (across the NYC area) who is trained and experienced in the use of Cognitive Behavioral treatment techniques.

Call me at (917) 751-6020.

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